1 October 2021

The Digital Store Australia Salary Survey 2021


Our 2021 salary review is a guide on how the industry is performing - a gauge on the Australian market.  Figures are based on the candidates we meet, their current salaries and their skills vs salaries.  This combined with our client salary expectations, gives an overall market expectation.



Changes in the industry we have noted are:


Agency roles are continuing to morph throughout. Studio Managers are required to have hands-on Design or Artworking experience.  Artworkers are progressing in digital.


Content Creator / Producers are in high demand - this is a hybrid role of hands-on motion skills, design skills, SEO, Digital Marketing capabilities.


Agile is continuing its growth throughout the corporate channels.  Agencies have adopted Agile methodologies to suit projects.


React and Vue Developers are in hot demand.


Copywriters are booming - lots of requests for digital / content / social writers.


CX / UX Researcher - continuing its growth within both corporate and agency.  Becoming standard best practice.



Here's how Covid has changed/affected our clients in Australia



Considering Covid-19, are you now using more freelancers?

Is your business expected to recover to pre COVID-19 levels within the next six months?

If yes, do you intend to hire within the next six months?

Have you encouraged employees to upskill or retrain within your business?

Have you made employees redundant due to Covid?

If you have made redundancies, which sectors have you made employees redundant?


If you have any questions or queries around salaries, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact


Australian salary figures are excluding Super contribution.