22 January 2020

Codemania - A conference for Developers

Kia ora koutou!


Set your alarm for the 6th of May 2020, because that's Codemania day! We're back again with wonderful speakers to fill your brains with good stuff. We've left a couple of slots for last-minute announcements and we'll be adding more details about topics over the next few weeks, but you wanna get in early and grab some tickets now.


We'll run almost the same format for Codemania as we have the last couple of years: A big one-day conference on Wednesday, followed by a more intimate 2-day gathering. The only difference is that we've found a bigger and better location for Conversations, so that means all tickets to Conversations are overnight tickets. That means 2 days of epic conversations, evening meal, accommodation and breakfast all included. YES! You can get tickets for one or both (we highly recommend both!).



Why Codemania?


If you grab a ticket, here's the kind of people you'll be able to hear from:

• Avery Pennarun - built hardware for Google Fibre, and authored many epic treatises at
• Cat Swetel - Engineering Manager at Ticketmaster in Arizona, and a seriously data-driven agilist.
• Rich Campbell - From moon bases to the history of .NET - Richard is a professional raconteur guaranteed to educate and entertain.
• Heather Downing - Developer Advocate at Okta, Microsoft MVP, APIs, IoT, Conversational AI, and the rest!



And if that's not enough motivation, here's what a few attendees and speakers have said about previous Codemania conferences:

• "Codemania keeps me up to date with what's new in the industry, and motivates me for the next 12 months!" -- Kirk
• "Codemania is great because it it has so much diversity and generates so many great conversations, I never want it to end" - Andreia
• “Codemania is great when managing a corporate team as it lets you connect with new people and ideas from across the industry across the World, Codemania is great when coding in a small startup as it lets you connect with new people and ideas from across the industry across the World. Whatever I’m doing career wise I always go to Codemania - the only conference that is always relevant.” - John



Nine years in, and like always it's gonna be a good time. Remember we always sell-out, so jump in while there are plenty of tickets going.


Aroha nui,

Ian, Ben and the Codemania Crew


Get your tickets: Here

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