22 May 2018

Pricing Creativity

Do you know the value of what your business creates?

Join Blair Enns, author of Pricing Creativityin a FREE webinar as he talks about breaking the constraints of the billable hour and teaches you how to win new business without giving away work for free.

May 24th 2018,  9am NZST


In this FREE WEBINAR you will learn:


The Key Principles of Pricing Creativity

Innovative methods for structuring your engagements and crafting your proposals

How to reconcile agile development with value-based pricing

New ways to think about retainers

How to get paid for value instead of inputs or outputs

The proper use of retainers


How to move from 50-page decks to one-page proposals

How to untether from tracking and selling time

How to reconcile agile development with value pricing

How to have the value conversation with your clients

"You cannot be an effective pricer if you study pricing alone and eschew some of the complementary skills of selling and negotiating."

Blair Enns


The webinar addresses the key principles, rules and tips from Blair Enns' book, Pricing Creativity. Blair is an accomplished, and provocative speaker who strives to deliver a presentation that leaves a wake of lively debate long after the event has ended.


By attending this webinar, you will learn how to have the value conversation and move your business financial model beyond the billable hour. You can accurately put a value on the quality of work you do, rather than the number of hours spent at your desk.


“You cannot be an effective pricer if you study pricing alone and eschew some of the complementary skills of selling and negotiating,” says Enns. “Most attempts at value-based pricing in creative firms fail for this reason.” That blended view of pricing, selling and negotiating is what Enns brings to the subject matter, but he is clear that none of these areas is where his true expertise lies. “More than pricing or selling, what I know is the creative mind and the peculiarities that make it difficult for that person to ask to be paid what they are worth.”



Blair Enns

Blair Enns is the founder of Win Without Pitchinga Canadian-based sales training and coaching organization for creative professionals. He is also the author Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Houra guide that distils pricing theory into principles, rules, tips, and tools.


Blair travels the world to deliver seminars to creative organisations, with the aim to educate businesses on how value-based pricing can turn profits around.