28 March 2017

Best of the Best - Designers Speak

Wed 12 April 2017

6:00 PM – 8:30 PM NZST


Auckland Art Gallery

Corner of Kitchener & Wellesley Street


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The Best Design Awards are a major feature of the local design calendar and some of last year's winners are touring the country to offer first-hand insights into their projects.

This event is brought to you by Dulux.


Speakers - Day 1


Studio South—Sam Southwell

The International

A world-class apartment building offering 88 luxury residences in central Auckland. Studio South designed, directed and managed numerous components to create a complete brand identity and marketing package for The International.

Chrometoaster—Aaron McKirdy

Game of Awesome

A hilarious, educational card game designed to inspire year 5–8 students to write creative stories—whilst increasing their literacy levels. Game of Awesome's brash new take on an old idea makes the resource both curious and compelling to young learners.

Alt Group—Dean Poole

POP Marble Run

POP Marble Run is an 8-meter-long participatory musical instrument, activated by the people of Auckland, using gravity as a compositional tool through play. POP Marble Run is designed with interaction at its heart – embracing both intent and chance by enabling participants to construct a visual representation, which creates an unexpected sound signature.

Pixelpush Ltd—Han Law & Siew Wee H'ng


With more than 15,000 views on the client’s website, ‘Flexpaper’ is a carefully crafted, fun, stop-motion animated teaser for a piece of software that transforms PDF documents into responsive formats.

makebardo—Luis Viale & Bren Imboden

Cargo Brewery. The honest drop.

A project designed to break the gender stereotypes linked to beer. makebardo’s simple, empathetic approach to Cargo Brewery’s 'The Honest Drop’ packaging opens the scope of the business, and encourages gender equality.



Speakers - Day 2



Alt Group – Dean Poole



Most honey on the market is either manufactured in glass or plastic and is consumed as an everyday spread. Rather than compete in mass market, the idea was to make honey part of the gifting purchase journey and produce a vessel that communicated a premium and not follow the conventions of shelf presence, but table presence.


Think Packaging – Mat Bogust
The True Honey Co.

True Honey Co

Think Packaging's truly beautiful, yet robust, packaging design for some of the purest honey on the planet reflects the trustworthy, transparent and premium brand personality of The True Honey Co.

Felton Industries – James Daw
Ag Oxijet


Ag Oxijet

An innovative solution to conserve water in the New Zealand Dairy farming industry. The Ag Oxijet™ reduces water consumption, energy consumption and the size and costs of effluent storage tanks on farms.


Avanti Design Technology - Stephen James & David Higgins
Avanti Pista Team Olympic Edition


Avanti Pista Team Olympic Edition

A two-pronged, design-led project, the Avanti Pista Team Sprint was developed by Avanti as the best possible platform for the New Zealand track cycling team to claim gold at the 2016 Olympic Games.


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