19 July 2023

Creative Talk with Laine Morrissey-Brown - Life & Mindset Coach and Speaker


Laine is a Life & Mindset Coach and Speaker who is on a mission to empower people to create a life that they are obsessed with. Click the image above to listen to Laine talk about why having a life coach is a good thing.


She teaches you how to train the mind to work for you, not against you, as well as how to overcome years of limiting patterns and conditioning which are preventing you from playing big and showing up in your life.


Through her work, she helps her clients achieve unstoppable self-belief and confidence, develop a solid growth-oriented mindset and overcome the fear of going after what it is you want.


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Tell us a little about you – who are you?


Hey! My name is Laine and I am a certified Life & Mindset Coach and Speaker.


My job is to inspire and motivate you in becoming the best version of yourself. There are no limitations or parameters in my world, if you want something I am here to tell you, you can absolutely achieve it.


Before becoming a coach, I worked in corporate for over 12 years in the PR and marketing industries. My work environment was very fast-paced, creative and at times incredibly thrilling. However, at the same time I was also almost always busy and stressed, regularly burnt out and felt little to no job satisfaction. It wasn’t sustainable or healthy!


So I decided I needed to make some changes and work out how I could really thrive in my career. That was the beginning of my own self-development journey. I dived in deep and as a result, I started to experience some incredible shifts and breakthroughs in my life, not just professionally but personally as well. What I was learning and doing was having a ripple effect into every aspect of my life.


I fell in love with the work, it gave me energy and a high that I didn’t expect. It quickly became clear to me that this was my new purpose. To share what I know with others so that they too can achieve some amazing transformations.


So I decided to become a certified life coach, taking years of lived experience with me, to create a soul led business that empowers people to go for more.


Why should someone seek out a life coach?


There are SO many reasons why someone should work with a life coach, but here are my top five.


To gain clarity - Life can sometimes feel super overwhelming, leaving us feeling uncertain about our goals, values and purpose. A life coach can act as your guide to help you gain clarity and perspective.


To create a roadmap  - Knowing what you want is one thing, achieving it can be quite another. A coach works with you to create an actionable framework to help you get there, closing the gap from where you are to where you want to go.


To uncover blocks that are holding you back - now this is a biggie! Most of us are living life based on an old, outdated belief system which directly impacts how we think, feel and act every day. Beliefs that tell us we are not good enough and cause us to play small. Through coaching we dive into your deep rooted beliefs systems to uncover what is holding you back. Then we work on eliminating them for good.


To cultivate a growth mindset - Your mindset serves as your foundation to life. It is the guiding force behind your decisions and the actions you take so it’s vital to cultivate one that is primed to help you succeed. A life coach can provide you with helpful tools that you can weave into your everyday life to assist in building an unshakable mindset.


To help you overcome fear and self-doubt - Fear is an inevitable part of life, but the key is to not allow it to stop you from showing up for yourself. A coach can help clients build self-belief and confidence so that they can overcome the fear that is holding them back from taking action.



What specific benefits can I expect to gain from working with a life coach?


In a general sense, a life that you thrive in. One that you just love living every single day. And from a work perspective, one where you feel empowered, resilient and confident in what you do.


I focus a lot on mindset because when you adopt a positive and growth-oriented mindset, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. You start to view challenges as steppings stones, setbacks as lessons and failures as opportunities for growth. You feel empowered and confident to explore new ideas, you welcome feedback and have a deep sense of self trust.


When your mindset is on point, things start to flow and your creativity is easily accessible. And that is when you will excel both on a professional and personal level.


I wish more mindset workshops were offered in workplaces because when a team is operating from a positive headspace, then everything and everyone benefits. Morale, productivity, stress, problem solving, creativity, it all up levels.


On a personal level, when working with a coach you should also experience a sense of self awakening. So many of us are living life on autopilot, just accepting what is, never challenging the status quo, so we just end up repeating the same thoughts, feelings, behaviour and experiences every single day. When working with a coach, you will go through a self-inquiry process which will result in you taking notice of your daily patterns that are keeping you in the passenger seat of your life. Achieving this self-awareness is the first step to living a life based on your terms.


Most people do not succeed in becoming the best version of themselves because they don’t assess where they are. But this clarity is power! Once you know where you are and why, then we can facilitate the changes needed to grow and expand.


What techniques or strategies do you use to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve their desired outcomes?


I will use a variety of strategies to support my clients in achieving their desired outcomes but some commons practices include:


Self inquiry - this step is key. You can’t improve on or fix something that you are oblivious to, so I always start by getting a client to do a stock -take of their life, because only then do we have a foundation for change.


Goal setting - sounds simple and let’s be honest a little boring, but setting smart goals will provide you with a clear vision of where you want to go.


Action planning - developing an actionable framework that outlines the steps needed to achieve your goals as well as identifying any potential roadblocks and strategies to overcome them.


Priming - it is so important to prime your state of mind and energy every day so that you set yourself up for success.


Visualization practices - Visualisation can help make the future tangible and allows a client to know what success will feel like in advance of it actually happening. It’s a powerful tool to help condition the brain to see, hear and feel the success in your mind.


Positive self talk - Self-talk is incredibly powerful as it fuels our belief system. The line between failure and success can sometimes come down to simply how you speak to yourself.


Focus - ever heard the phrase, what you focus on expands? I teach you how to get intentional with your thoughts as a way to train the mind to work for you.


How do you tailor your approach to meet the unique needs and challenges of each individual client? For example our clients and candidates are predominantly in and around the creative / marketing / digital sector.


Every person is unique, so there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to coaching. When I work with someone, I spend some time getting to know them in order to gain a deep understanding of who they are, their circumstances, their goals and any challenges they may be facing. This allows me to provide them with the appropriate guidance and support.


Some people may have a super clear vision for themselves, but just need support creating an actionable plan, while others may need support in working out what they actually want to begin with.


Together we create a plan that is best suited to them. However, I will always include mindset work along with some education around the conscious and subconscious mind, as I believe this is fundamental to making our life that much better.


How do you handle situations where a client's goals or desired outcomes may change during the coaching process?


This is actually a common occurrence and one that I welcome and celebrate.


Sometimes what we think we want, isn’t actually what we want. This can be for a number of reasons such as parental pressure, external influence or simply because we are operating from an old, outdated belief system. So sometimes a client will come into a session with a desired outcome in mind, but after some self inquiry realize that this vision isn’t quite the right path for them. These are amazing breakthroughs because it means the client has succeeded in tuning into what is right for them and starting to work in alignment with their true self.


Also as we grow, evolve and become more self-aware - the goal posts will naturally move. They get bigger and stretchier because we begin to realize just how capable we are.


At the end of the day, it's all about the client. If the goals or desired outcomes shift, then we adjust our plan accordingly.


You work with a variety of industries - can you help creatives overcome career and creative blocks?


Absolutely! Road blocks are an inevitable part of life, and they can show up anywhere. Whether that be in our career or our creative process, or perhaps even in our relationships or physical health journey, stumbling blocks can and will happen.


When we experience a block there will always be a reason behind it, so I will work with the client to explore what exactly is preventing them from moving forward. Often the underlying reason for why we are feeling blocked will surprise us, as it rarely has anything to do with our skill set.  There could be some fear and self-doubt at play or an old, outdated limiting belief that is sabotaging our progress without us even realizing! So it involves doing some digging. It is my job to help facilitate this process and help the client uncover why they feel the way they do. Once we have found the reason, that’s when the fun begins as we will work on eliminating the blocks that are preventing them from showing up and will start to shatter their self imposed glass ceilings.


How do you see the future of people seeking out Life Coaches for career advice?


My hope is that more people seek out coaching from a career perspective. Not for advice - as a coach should never tell you what they think you should do. Instead through thought-provoking questions, they can help you gain different perspectives to achieve clarity on a way forward. This can be especially helpful when considering a career or job change.


However, coaches will also help you overcome the challenges and pressures that exist within the realm of your career; whether that be imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self-doubt, analysis paralysis etc. a coach can support you through this. There should be no reason why you are not thriving from a professional standpoint.


Do you do team and group sessions? How does this work?


Yes, absolutely!


I run mindset group coaching programmes online with the aim to give people anywhere in the world an introduction to the fundamentals of growing a solid mindset so that they can become more confident, effective and fulfilled.  I open this group coaching programme quarterly.


I also offer mindset workshops for businesses which involves me coming into the workplace to run a session with the team. In these sessions, we talk about how to foster a growth-oriented mindset within the workplace to support organizational growth, culture and the people.



For the cynical out there, how would you convince them that this is a useful tool?


Think of a Life Coach as a Personal Trainer - you would happily engage and work with a PT to help you identify your physical health goals and then develop a plan that will help you achieve said goals. The same holds true for a Life Coach, but with regards to a whole lot more than just your physical health.


With life coaching, we strengthen the muscles of your inner world so that you can show up stronger and have the ability to become the better version of yourself. Some of the most successful people in the world have worked with life coaches including Oprah, Connor McGregor, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Hugh Jackman and a number of Presidents. They understand the value of perspective, feedback, self-evaluation and most importantly growth - even when they are at the top of their game. And that should tell you something!


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