15 September 2019

Creative Talk with Galina Velas, Digital Recruiter at The Creative Store

Creative Talk this month is with Galina Velas, our Digital Recruitment Consultant who looks after our Developer candidates and clients.


Welcome Galina – tell us a bit about yourself.


I’m a Russian born Kiwi, lived in NZ for the last 24 years. I love travelling, yoga, Pilates and wine – it’s all about balance in life! I’ve been working in the creative industry for the past 5 years and haven’t looked back.


You have worked in the creative industries and have recruitment experience – perfect combination for our candidates and clients – what excites you about recruitment?


I love giving candidates the good news and feel very proud when I get amazing feedback from my clients. Not one day is the same, it’s fast-paced and exciting. There is always something new to learn.


Working across both of our brands The Creative Store & The Digital Store – you source freelance / contract / permanent developers – what do you look out for in the perfect dev?


It’s a combination of personal skills and tech skills, but communication is key. If you can talk about your craft with passion, then you are more than halfway there!


You work across Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack Developers – how do you define these?


Front-End is what the user sees, it’s about customer journey and aesthetics. Back-End is the machine behind the Front-End which ensures that the ‘journey’ runs smoothly. Full-Stack is a combination of both, somebody who has experience and in-depth knowledge in using both Front-End and Back-End technologies.


What makes a good freelance developer?


Reliability and communication. As a freelancer you must understand client’s needs and be able to fulfill those within the required timeframes. Having clear communication and an update on delivery is key.


Freelancers on assignment – are there rules they need to adhere to?


Communication with both your recruiter and the client, as well as transparency and honesty will get you your next brief.


How do you work out a freelancers’ rate?


It depends on experience, feedback and the salary guide, which you can find on our website ( The more assignments you do successfully, the more you progress.


What’s the latest tech trends you are seeing in New Zealand and Australia?


A general knowledge of UX/UI, C# and .Net Developers.


When candidates apply for roles – what would you like them to be submitting?


A grammatically correct CV, showing most relevant information on the first page. Include month/year of study and work experience, a list of your technical abilities. A link to a website with examples of your work is a must. It doesn’t have to be artistic - but should be neat, tidy and easy to read.  This speaks volumes about your attention to detail.


What makes you decide if you are going to meet with an applicant?


A great CV.  Where a candidate communicates their relevant skills well and can show us plenty of examples, along with a clear explanation of those examples.


Sometimes clients don’t have a firm brief when they give us their developer requirements - how do you work around this?


A combination of my experience in the industry, as well as being able to revert to examples of similar work The Creative Store has worked on for clients.  We will have a good conversation with our clients to ensure their requirements.  We will also have developers scope the brief and give us time and cost estimates – which helps clients make their decision.



If you are a client and would like to brief us on a developer role - or if you are a candidate and would like to update us with your cv / work / $s - email